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Just makin’ it
June 30, 2008

Yep, it’s Monday…all day. But here’s hoping for a short week. Well, as long as this doesn’t happen…

Um, yeah....

Adventures in a weekend
June 23, 2008

It was a busy weekend. But for once (in a long time) it was on my terms and didn’t involve work.

On Friday I went to a show downtown with Barbie and Bama. It was great – very smart, very funny. And Barbie had a classic Barbie moment when she returned to her seat from a break…Must keep a closer eye on her in the “big girl shoes.” Afterwards, Bama took off to another show and Barbie and I had late night drinks at a fun, little bar in the trendy college area of town.

Early Saturday morning I went for a walk with Bunny. Along the way, there was lots of girl talk, baby ducks and…challenging slopes. No joke. These signs were on either side of an obvious hill.

Later, I met some folks from work for a long-distance amusement park visit. The best part, driving over an hour to play putt-putt. After a brief break at home, we met up again for an outdoor, evening concert with wine and snacks. A fine summer outing.

A lazy Sunday sleeping-in eventually led to some shopping.  While navigating back roads home to avoid what seems like neverending interstate construction, I came across the following in a strip mall parking lot. I looked around, but never managed to find Mary Poppins.

But what was that…?
June 20, 2008

I may not be the most fashionable person and I certainly don’t claim any sort of knowledge of men’s clothing, but every now and then I come across something truly worth sharing to validate my wtf response. After leaving my mailbox in the trendy college area of town, I planned on taking shortcuts back home.  But what I saw made me do a double-take, turn right from the left-hand lane, and then drive down the never-not-crowded main drag in the trendy college area of town.  Sure enough, my eyes had not failed me.

There he was…a guy wearing skinny jean capris!
Talk about a hot mess!

No, I don’t mean longish, baggy shorts. Skinny hipster jeans that stop unmistakeably in the capri zone – couple inches below the knee, but not quite to the shin. Yes, manpris are a hot mess! I did not have my trusty camera and I can’t find anything to do it justice online, but eventually I’ll post something in hopes that the hipsters will realize we’ve caught on and they will move on to some other weird fashion (mis)statement.

The Girls
June 17, 2008

I have the greatest best friends. First there’s Barbie, she’s everything a girl could ask for. Smart, funny, great teacher, dirty minded, and always there to back a sister up. (not to mention she looks like Barbie…easy on the eyes) Then there’s Legs, she’s sweet, intuitive, loving, and although she may be busy and we don’t visit often, she’s still always thinking about her friends. Finally, there’s Frenchy. We don’t see her much anymore since she moved. She’s fun, sweet, wild, and a soulmate. There are more characters yet to cast, but these are the ones who’ve stuck with me for more than a decade…they get seniority.

So, Barbie and Legs get much love from Sally for their support this weekend. And when life hands you lemons, they were right there to help make lemonade…or at least help chuck the lemons at whatever miserable soul who deserved it.  I like lemonade, but sometimes I need help remembering how many parts lemons and how many parts sugar. On the other hand, I throw like a girl and need someone to help me aim the catapult! I also have to credit Bunny and Bama. They also stepped in. But we’ll hear more about them later.

Meanwhile, I arrived at work this morning for another endless day of stress. I must learn to control the stress, otherwise my catapult may need constant repair. The girls are keeping me sane this week. Deep breathing, closed doors, and lots of wine…all the girls love the wine.

Sally takes on the world
June 14, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself…

You may call me Sally. This is the year of me. In fact, you might say that it’s all about me (‘sallaboutme). I am taking on the world, one virtual bite at a time. Welcome to Sally’s World.