But what was that…?

I may not be the most fashionable person and I certainly don’t claim any sort of knowledge of men’s clothing, but every now and then I come across something truly worth sharing to validate my wtf response. After leaving my mailbox in the trendy college area of town, I planned on taking shortcuts back home.  But what I saw made me do a double-take, turn right from the left-hand lane, and then drive down the never-not-crowded main drag in the trendy college area of town.  Sure enough, my eyes had not failed me.

There he was…a guy wearing skinny jean capris!
Talk about a hot mess!

No, I don’t mean longish, baggy shorts. Skinny hipster jeans that stop unmistakeably in the capri zone – couple inches below the knee, but not quite to the shin. Yes, manpris are a hot mess! I did not have my trusty camera and I can’t find anything to do it justice online, but eventually I’ll post something in hopes that the hipsters will realize we’ve caught on and they will move on to some other weird fashion (mis)statement.

2 Responses

  1. […] why I love this town…the random stuff that you see that makes you go – ?! Kinda like the skinny jean manpris (yes, I know, I’m not getting over it, so get used to it) and the guitar for sale […]

  2. YES. This is what I saw today, except they were like chino capris. HORRIFYING.

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