Adventures in a weekend

It was a busy weekend. But for once (in a long time) it was on my terms and didn’t involve work.

On Friday I went to a show downtown with Barbie and Bama. It was great – very smart, very funny. And Barbie had a classic Barbie moment when she returned to her seat from a break…Must keep a closer eye on her in the “big girl shoes.” Afterwards, Bama took off to another show and Barbie and I had late night drinks at a fun, little bar in the trendy college area of town.

Early Saturday morning I went for a walk with Bunny. Along the way, there was lots of girl talk, baby ducks and…challenging slopes. No joke. These signs were on either side of an obvious hill.

Later, I met some folks from work for a long-distance amusement park visit. The best part, driving over an hour to play putt-putt. After a brief break at home, we met up again for an outdoor, evening concert with wine and snacks. A fine summer outing.

A lazy Sunday sleeping-in eventually led to some shopping.  While navigating back roads home to avoid what seems like neverending interstate construction, I came across the following in a strip mall parking lot. I looked around, but never managed to find Mary Poppins.


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  1. […] idea how this got there. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve come across a random, abandoned umbrella.  Is Mary Poppins my guardian […]

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