Man down!

After a very stressful day and [not] looking forward to a not-so-relaxing holiday weekend working, I came home from work at a reasonable hour to get in at least a little relaxation.  I called Barbie and like the fabulous friend that she is, she rushed over to liven up my little pity party. Since it was still daylight and the miserable Southern heat hasn’t fully set in yet, we went for a little walk.

Not far from the house, we discovered — (in Barbie’s terms) —
this “little dude.”

Aw, isn’t he cute. Ok, yeah I know he’s hard to see, he was lying in the road.


But we picked him up and took him along for the jaunt. So you can see him better, we perched him along the edge of a bridge.



Along the way, I captured some wonderful sites that present much of the reasons why I love my town. The surprising natural beauty you find within the city makes it hard to hate when the weather’s gorgeous.

My favorite view from a bridge over the creek

My favorite view from a bridge over the creek

Wildflowers - almost tropical

Wildflowers - almost tropical

And this…Only in this town do you find someone who can’t be bothered to make a nice sign to sell their beloved guitar, but does manage to walk at least 1/3 of a mile on a greenway with a stapler to post this to a fence by the railroad tracks.

Love this town!

Love this town!


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