Calm before the storm

It’s storming outside. I love storms; the more lightning and thunder, the more electricity that’s in the air. It’s so energizing. 

It’s early on a Saturday night, but I’m planning on going to bed soon. I know I have to go in very early tomorrow and work very hard. So yes, tonight’s storm is the calm before the storm. I have relaxed today and know I must make up for it tomorrow, but after several weeks of long days, no weekends, and no holidays, I deserved one day (even if it wasn’t without a call-or two-from the office). I had a great night last night, so I can justify calling it an early one tonight. (I’m so tired, but it was definitely worth it!)

So, here’s hoping that last night’s advernture, today’s rest, and tonight’s storm will be just the energizing I need to get through tomorrow’s storm.


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