eyes & ears

What I’m currently listening to…

Katy Perry: One of the Boys
(Love this CD! Love, love, love it! She’s got so much spunk! My faves so far: “One of the boys,” “I kissed a girl” (No, it’s not the Jill Sobule song, it’s funny!), “Ur so gay” (for hipsters who wear skinny jean manpris), and “If you can afford me.”)

Ludo: You’re Awful, I Love You
(Found the first track to this, “Love me dead,” on the satellite radio. This reminds me a lot of The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Pop punk with a sense of humor! Playing it loud!)

What I’m currently watching…

Sex & the City: Box Set
(I got this a couple years ago as a present. Watched it then and I’m rewatching it now, especially after the movie came out several weeks ago. Currently in Season 3. Oddly enough, now that I’m closer to most of the characters’ ages, I’ve found maybe I can relate better. At least, last weekend I was reminded of this episode and this episode.)

One Response

  1. I love this post! 😉

    Especially the Sex and The City reference!

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