Love this town

Another reason why I love this town…the random stuff that you see that makes you go – ?! Kinda like the skinny jean manpris (yes, I know, I’m not getting over it, so get used to it) and the guitar for sale sign (picture here).  As I was driving up the hill towards the capitol on my way to work this morning, I noticed a guy-nay a homeless Asian hippie no less-riding his shopping cart (home?) with garbage bags hanging off the sides down the hill and in the midddle of the street! Every so often he’d use his foot to push off for a faster trip like you do in the grocery store parking lot or on a skateboard. It was so baffling (and fast!) that I never even had a chance to think to grab my camera to get a picture. There were three business suits standing at the top of the hill completely mesmerized by what just passed them.

So, once again, another good story without the photographic evidence. Just to recap, a twenty-something homeless Asian hippie riding his shopping cart down the middle of the street during downtown morning rush hour! Love this town!


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