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Labor Day weekend
August 31, 2008

Ah the weekend. Bittersweet it may be. 

First, this was Barbie’s last weekend in Nashville. Sad. Unfortunately, with the craziness that is my job, I didn’t get to see her this week, but on Friday I dragged my tired butt over to her house after work to help her pack, load the truck, and move things to/from storage. Afterwards, Barbie and her husband treated us to pizza. Yummy.

The truck

The truck

I got up again on Saturday and helped them load the last bit into the truck and watched them drive away, off to Canada. I know she’ll be back in a couple months and will visit often, but I already miss her. I’m very excited about her opportunities there and I know she’ll really flourish – what I really want for her!

Bye bye Barbie and her husband and puppy

Bye bye Barbie and her husband and puppy

After moving Barbie, I went to Bama’s house to enjoy her pool. Gotta love friends with access to a pool! We relaxed for a while and later went to a party with Bama’s friends. A pretty chill evening, just what I needed.

Today, I slept in…ah the luxury!! I needed it after very little sleep this past week. I don’t want to even think how few hours I slept in the past five days. Then I joined Bama at her pool again. Lots of sun and relaxation. We watched last week’s Project Runway (my favorite reality show – and only one I’ve ever tolerated), because work prevented me from being social and joining the regular Girls’ Night at Bama’s house last week.

Afterwards, I went to my mom’s house. She had gotten lots of fresh produce and shrimp. We grilled corn on the cob and shish-kabobs. Yummy, yummy! We sat on the front porch to let the food digest and talk about some important things. Mom has tons of hummingbird feeders. They were flying all around us. So cute!

As it got dark, we went in and mom made some banana pudding that was fantastic! I had brought Woman of the Year and we watched that while we ate pudding. I highly recommend the movie, especially to any women who try to do it all. I adore Katharine Hepburn! It was a great evening with a great movie.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. I think for once I’m actually going to take a holiday. I need it, I deserve, and I demand it! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

Midnight oil
August 28, 2008

Very late night at the office last night.
Not looking forward to another tonight.

Stone Temple Sunday
August 25, 2008

Last night, Bama and I hauled our cute little butts wrapped in tight jeans to see a Rock-N-Roll show. To relive my years driving around as a teenager in the 90s and so Bama could see her “damn dirty rockstar” we settled in for an evening with the Stone Temple Pilots at the Grand Ole Opry House.

 First, it was a fun little Sunday. I decided I was craving a chicken dish. Rare, I know. The problem, you can’t make just one portion or just a small portion. So, I knew I’d have way more than I needed. I started calling friends to come over and share in the goodies (brownies included). The only taker was Bama and we enjoyed a nice girls’ late lunch/early dinner.

A couple hours later, Bama came back to pick me up for the show. We drove out there, parked, and walked to the venue. The lines were really long, but naturally we found a line that no one discovered yet and walked right in and made a bee-line for the beer. Mmm…over priced domestic lite. Inside, the opening band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, was playing. They were great. It took a while for the crowd to warm up to them, but I was very impressed. They sounded great and have such a great eclectic blend of music. Check them out!

During the BRMC show, we had a group of people sitting in front of us, who never returned later. But suffice it to say that they were, as I called it when them came down the aisle, “Trying too hard, party of six.” A brief intermission and more beer later, we realized that David Bowie was sitting next to Bama. Ok, just his doppelganger, but if he never spoke and you didn’t hear the accent you would do a double-, and triple-take! Unfortunately we couldn’t bring cameras to the show, otherwise I’d have a picture. I pretend-took a picture of Bama and got a pic of him with my phone, but I can’t figure out how to get that from my phone to another device. He even asked if we wanted our picture taken, so now I like to say that David Bowie used my camera phone to take my picture with Bama! As Bama said, “he has to know” that he looks just like Bowie.

Then the show started. It was great. Weiland wasn’t as scary-skinny as I expected. No rockstar hair, very clean shaven, but definite rockstar prancing all over the stage all night…in white platform shoes no less (a la Pee Wee Herman). Some songs he sounded great, mostly when it was his gravely belting. More melodic songs sounded a little flat/tone deaf, like someone else doing Stone Temple Karaoke. He had so much energy and was all over the stage climbing up on amps, speakers, etc. The band was flawless! It was a fun show and I’m really glad I got to see one of my angsty bands of youth while the rockstar singer is still around.

Take me out to the crowd
August 23, 2008

I had a fun evening. Today while I was chillaxin’ in between productive spurts of mowing, car washing, house cleaning, putting stuff in the attic, and helping a friend hang shelves, I got a call from one my sesac boys. I surprised them at the regular lunch spot on Monday, and remembered how much fun they are.

They had an extra ticket to the baseball game and offered it to me. One of the boys picked me up and we met everyone down at the stadium for a little beer, baseball, and people watching. I do have to say, I simply cannot figure out the strange Japanese-game-show-like entertainment they have in between innings, but it was still fun. And our home team won! I don’t think the visiting team even scored at all the entire game. Afterwards, we hit up a sports bar near the trendy college area of town.  All done, it was a fun time.

In honor of the Olympics
August 18, 2008

This weekend, Barbie and I participated in the old lady Olympics. We competed in the triathalon event. In case you’re confused about our age (not old – fabulous!) or our athletic ability (don’t worry we’ve got that covered), this was an entirely different type of endurance event!

By 8:30am on Saturday, we were drinking mimosas, knitting, and hosting a yard sale! Nothing screams sexy like drunkenly trying to get people to buy your crap while playing with sticks and string!

   Here’s our stuff we don’t want…and Barbie’s foot. We didn’t sell that.




I mixed our drinks…in our convenient FREE cups from last weekend…Then proceeded to knit away in the sunshine.

Sally sippin' with her sock at the 'sale!

Sally sippin' with her sock at the 'sale.


Barbie's bundle, boobs, and brew.

I dare ya to try to say those five times fast! It was a fabulous time, and we each made some money. Once it was all over we made a huge haul to Goodwill. Then we met Barbie’s Ken at one of my favorite Mexican joints in town that I affectionately call “The SONbrero” due to its initially misspelled carved wooden booths. They are corrected now, but I’ll get a photo soon.

All in all, I think we both scored gold medals in this Olympics!

My new space
August 14, 2008

Last weekend, I received several new deliveries. I have a whole new bedroom. New bed, dresser, chest, mattresses, and bedding. It’s a beautiful new space! Here are some pictures of the transformation.

First, I had to clean out the old. A view towards the door. And, a view of the shoes. Yes, that is a lot of shoes, and no that isn’t all of them. They got to stay, but all the other furniture had to go to another room. But not without a fight – I’ve got the bruises to prove it, but damnit I moved it all by myself!


Then the bedroom furniture arrived early Saturday morning. It’s gorgeous even if my camera doesn’t really capture the detail in the wood. It really warms up the room.


Then the mattress set arrived.

And finally, the bedding and new comforter. (I seriously got a fabulous deal on this expensive bedding on eBay – who knew?!)

And as one person said to me later that night, now I have “big girl furniture.”

In Memory
August 6, 2008

To my beloved Willie (Budy),
I will miss you dearly. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go and I’m very sorry I did not know you were leaving and was not there. I am very glad I was able to spend time with you the day before. I will miss your sweet face and your “grumpy old man looks” that you gave us. I will miss your quirky behavior, loud meows, and your louder “Meow…damnit!” when you walked into a room. I will miss playing with you, or at least what you tolerated as playing with me when we were both just kids. I will miss your sweet side, hopping up on the couch with someone you deemed worthy. You had a very long, happy life and I’m privileged that you were there for nearly two-thirds of my life, making it so much more happy. I hope you are very happy in kitty heaven and that you have neverending “drippies” from the tub, ham, turkey, and cheese table scraps, mice toys, “ringy balls,” sunny spots, patios to roll on, baskets to lie in, and everything else you love and could ever want.

Awesomest Saturday ever!
August 3, 2008

Yesterday was, in one word, Fabulous! First of all, I didn’t have to work, and was able to sleep in some. Then I went to see my fabulous hair dresser, which is always fun and entertaining. Barbie met me there just around the time he was drying my hair and styling it.

By then, it was about lunchtime, so I introduced Barbie to Which Wich. I love that place! There’s one right next to my hairdresser, super convenient! We then trekked over to buy some school supplies tax-free for Barbie. She made quite the haul, and saved a ton! While we were in the office store, I got a call that my new bed was ready and they will deliver it next Saturday. So, we proceeded to shop in various linens stores and departments. I saw a lot of things I love and can’t afford and a lot of things I can afford but do not like. We also took Barbie’s gorgeous wedding and engagement rings to be cleaned. 

While shopping in another store, I found a small suitcase that is small enough to be carry-on friendly (whatever that means). I have been looking for one for a long time, so I no longer have to borrow from other people for weekend trips. The best part, it was a great price (although not tax-free) and a fantastic shade of purple. While purple isn’t my favorite color, I wanted a suitcase that was a different color so I could easily spot it at the airport and this does the trick. At the same store, Barbie came across a lunch box-thingie that didn’t have a tag or price on it. She proceeded to the counter and offered the guy $5 for it and he said she can have it for $4! She is the master! He made a $4 price tag for her and I promptly put it on her shirt.

$4/each. They are impressive!

$4/each. They are impressive!

After pricing Barbie, we were both thirsty power-shoppers on a hot Saturday. We stopped at a convenience store to get a fountain drink. We filled up and went to the counter to pay. The lady behind the counter asked “is that all?” and let us both have our drinks for free!!! Um, did I mention FREE?!!!

The thirst quencher - FREE

The thirst quencher - FREE

Then we power-shopped some more. I never made it to Barbie’s house to knit and eat dessert because it was so late, but I had a fabulous time!!