In Memory

To my beloved Willie (Budy),
I will miss you dearly. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go and I’m very sorry I did not know you were leaving and was not there. I am very glad I was able to spend time with you the day before. I will miss your sweet face and your “grumpy old man looks” that you gave us. I will miss your quirky behavior, loud meows, and your louder “Meow…damnit!” when you walked into a room. I will miss playing with you, or at least what you tolerated as playing with me when we were both just kids. I will miss your sweet side, hopping up on the couch with someone you deemed worthy. You had a very long, happy life and I’m privileged that you were there for nearly two-thirds of my life, making it so much more happy. I hope you are very happy in kitty heaven and that you have neverending “drippies” from the tub, ham, turkey, and cheese table scraps, mice toys, “ringy balls,” sunny spots, patios to roll on, baskets to lie in, and everything else you love and could ever want.


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