My new space

Last weekend, I received several new deliveries. I have a whole new bedroom. New bed, dresser, chest, mattresses, and bedding. It’s a beautiful new space! Here are some pictures of the transformation.

First, I had to clean out the old. A view towards the door. And, a view of the shoes. Yes, that is a lot of shoes, and no that isn’t all of them. They got to stay, but all the other furniture had to go to another room. But not without a fight – I’ve got the bruises to prove it, but damnit I moved it all by myself!


Then the bedroom furniture arrived early Saturday morning. It’s gorgeous even if my camera doesn’t really capture the detail in the wood. It really warms up the room.


Then the mattress set arrived.

And finally, the bedding and new comforter. (I seriously got a fabulous deal on this expensive bedding on eBay – who knew?!)

And as one person said to me later that night, now I have “big girl furniture.”


One Response

  1. yay for big girl stuff!

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