In honor of the Olympics

This weekend, Barbie and I participated in the old lady Olympics. We competed in the triathalon event. In case you’re confused about our age (not old – fabulous!) or our athletic ability (don’t worry we’ve got that covered), this was an entirely different type of endurance event!

By 8:30am on Saturday, we were drinking mimosas, knitting, and hosting a yard sale! Nothing screams sexy like drunkenly trying to get people to buy your crap while playing with sticks and string!

   Here’s our stuff we don’t want…and Barbie’s foot. We didn’t sell that.




I mixed our drinks…in our convenient FREE cups from last weekend…Then proceeded to knit away in the sunshine.

Sally sippin' with her sock at the 'sale!

Sally sippin' with her sock at the 'sale.


Barbie's bundle, boobs, and brew.

I dare ya to try to say those five times fast! It was a fabulous time, and we each made some money. Once it was all over we made a huge haul to Goodwill. Then we met Barbie’s Ken at one of my favorite Mexican joints in town that I affectionately call “The SONbrero” due to its initially misspelled carved wooden booths. They are corrected now, but I’ll get a photo soon.

All in all, I think we both scored gold medals in this Olympics!

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