Labor Day weekend

Ah the weekend. Bittersweet it may be. 

First, this was Barbie’s last weekend in Nashville. Sad. Unfortunately, with the craziness that is my job, I didn’t get to see her this week, but on Friday I dragged my tired butt over to her house after work to help her pack, load the truck, and move things to/from storage. Afterwards, Barbie and her husband treated us to pizza. Yummy.

The truck

The truck

I got up again on Saturday and helped them load the last bit into the truck and watched them drive away, off to Canada. I know she’ll be back in a couple months and will visit often, but I already miss her. I’m very excited about her opportunities there and I know she’ll really flourish – what I really want for her!

Bye bye Barbie and her husband and puppy

Bye bye Barbie and her husband and puppy

After moving Barbie, I went to Bama’s house to enjoy her pool. Gotta love friends with access to a pool! We relaxed for a while and later went to a party with Bama’s friends. A pretty chill evening, just what I needed.

Today, I slept in…ah the luxury!! I needed it after very little sleep this past week. I don’t want to even think how few hours I slept in the past five days. Then I joined Bama at her pool again. Lots of sun and relaxation. We watched last week’s Project Runway (my favorite reality show – and only one I’ve ever tolerated), because work prevented me from being social and joining the regular Girls’ Night at Bama’s house last week.

Afterwards, I went to my mom’s house. She had gotten lots of fresh produce and shrimp. We grilled corn on the cob and shish-kabobs. Yummy, yummy! We sat on the front porch to let the food digest and talk about some important things. Mom has tons of hummingbird feeders. They were flying all around us. So cute!

As it got dark, we went in and mom made some banana pudding that was fantastic! I had brought Woman of the Year and we watched that while we ate pudding. I highly recommend the movie, especially to any women who try to do it all. I adore Katharine Hepburn! It was a great evening with a great movie.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. I think for once I’m actually going to take a holiday. I need it, I deserve, and I demand it! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


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