A Sign

Last week turned out to be another stressful one with a couple more late nights unfortunately.  On one particularly stressful day, I was only able to go to lunch at 5 o’clock.  Yes, that is correct, lunch at 5pm.  Naturally, since I work downtown nearly all the businesses shut down (except for sit-down establishments that I didn’t have time for) well before quittin’ time.  I managed to walk several blocks to a sandwich place as it was closing.  After grasping my bag of nourishment and venturing out into the wind that was the fortune teller of the thunderstorm on its way, I headed back to the office.

Then I came across this sign at a church on Church Street.  Given all my dissatisfaction and stress lately with my job, I had to double-check that my sleep-deprived eyes and mind weren’t making it up.  I went back later that weekend so I could get photographic proof.

If there ever was a “Sign”…


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  1. […] I’ve recently been given some signs, some have been much more obvious, but for the first time I’ve been paying closer attention to them.  I really think that it […]

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