Canada pt. 1

Today I accompanied Barbie to school.  She had to teach some undergrads for an hour.   As thrilling and exciting as that sounds, she did a good job.  We then went to the “Grad Club,” a restaurant/pub for graduate students.  After lunch and a beer, we attended a lecture about Freddie Mercury, of Queen fame.  It was pretty good, despite the academic nature.  I forgot my camera this morning, so pictures of school (and the wild, Canadian geese – yes the real thing) are to come later.

When we got home, we took Barbie’s pup out for a walk.  That is where I discovered that Canadian squirrels are not like anything I’ve seen before.  I’m familiar with the regular gray squirrels, the crazy squirrels at my magnolia-league undergraduate college campus, and even the funny European squirrels.  Here, they have gigantic black squirrels (about the size of a small cat) that are really fluffy and very brave.  They have no problem coming right up to you and taunting the dog on the other end of the leash.

By the way, they also have the plain gray ones too, but they seem to be in the minority or at least not as outgoing.  Also, on the walk I discovered the Canadian sign for “Dead End.”

After running a couple errands, we headed to downtown London.  That is where Barbie introduced me to the bar, “Honest Lawyer.”  She thought it only fitting.

Turns out, it’s a great bar with great specials and a some great drinks.

We asked the waitress why it is called Honest Lawyer, because the closest thing we could find in this sports bar related to law or lawyers was just a couple rows of old Canadian and British law books.  She told us the owner is a lawyer and he thought it was a funny idea.  Well, it worked.  We loved it and are seriously considering going back tomorrow!

Before heading home, we hit up another pub and had coffee drinks and fabulously decadent desserts.  After all that excitement, we decided to stopped by a neighborhood grocery store for a couple provisions for the morning.  That means I got to get a picture of the ever-famous milk in bags.  Yes that is correct.  Canadians sell their milk in bags.  They think it is quite rational, while we are baffled by it.

Tomorrow we plan to do a full grocery shopping experience at another store.  And stay tuned….tomorrow’s edition includes a tour of a brewery and other adventures!

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