Canada pt. 2

Sleeping in today was lovely.  But we eventually went to Barbie’s school to work out at the student gym.  We planned to go to a pilates class, but by the time we got down there, paid for me as a guest, and figured out where the pilates class was, the doors were locked and we were a few minutes late.  So, we sweated a little on the eliptical machines until I made the bright suggestion (Barbie loves it when I have ideas!) to show her some of the exercises from my crazy class at my new gym.  I think Barbie hates me now.  Or at least her muscles do.  We shall see in the morning when she goes down the steps to walk the pup.  Here are a couple pictures from campus.  We tried to find the geese, but no luck.  Also, it is homecoming here apparently (yes, Canadians do that too), so traffic was crazy and they write on the cement walls with chalk.  This one was particularly fitting.

After working out, we quickly grabbed some lunch and ran home to change.  It was off to the Labatt Brewery Tour.  This was a lot of fun.  Learned a lot about Canadian beer and then go to have a fun little tasting afterwards.  Yay beer!  Oh and did I mention we got free T-shirts with our tour?!

Then we came home, showered and relaxed for a couple hours.  We discovered Barbie’s furnace wasn’t working-as she suspected-so her landlord brought us an extra heater.  Yes, it is still cold in Canada.  After getting all dolled up, we went downtown for more fun.  We stopped at the Honest Lawyer again.  It seemed pretty dead, but we had some great flatbreads there along with more Labatt beer and great conversation.

Then we walked around looking for a new place to have a drink.  This sign caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.  Canadians are so precise.

We came across a great English pub, ordered ciders, and were enjoying ourselves.  Soon a loud band kicked in and a big homecoming crowd came in.  We figured it was probably time to head out.  Then a very loud girl, excited about homecoming, screamed next to me.  When she apologized, she gave me about $5 and told me to buy a drink.  So we finished our drinks and headed home with the cash (all in change – it’s Canada).  On the way, we stopped at Starbucks, each ordered one of their new hot chocolates, and went home to add some vodka to our yummy treats.  It was a great day.  Sally and Barbie are pooped.  We’ve got more gallavanting and goofing off to do tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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