Canada pt. 3

This morning, we had a proper Canadian breakfast before running errands.  Well, maybe not proper, but definitely typical.  We went to the donut shop, Tim Hortons, for some donuts and juice and coffee.  Canadians love their “Timmy’s.”  The donuts were good, and I’m told the coffee is mediocre.  But my favorite part was the following sign.  Again, Canadians are very precise.  And polite.

No, this sign is not outside the donut shop.  It is inside.  By the tables and the bathrooms.  Please folks, do not spend more than 20 minutes eating your pastry-goodness.

Then, we decided to get provisions.  We first stopped at Michaels (the craft store we also know at home) and found some fantastic Halloween and fall cookie cutters and sprinkles.  Then we went to “The Beer Store.”  In Canada you buy beer at “The Beer Store.”  Basically it is the only place that sells beer and they are all called “The Beer Store.”  Once again, Canadians are very precise.  Here you can see Canadians lining up for the store to open.  With their children.  They also like lining up for stuff.

Next, we needed groceries.  There is a grocery store here called “Loblaws.”  Anyone who is a fan of Arrested Development will find this just as funny as me.  Look up the Law Office of Bob Loblaw.  (Yay Scott Baio!)  Anyway, I went around saying “Bob Loblaw” over and over all weekend – poor Barbie!  (Say it out loud, you’ll get it eventually.)  For posterity, here you go.

While in Loblaws, I discovered, once again, that Canadians are very precise.  Even with their generic products.  The generic brand at Loblaws is called “no name.”  See for yourself!

And since it is Canada, everything is billingual.  So, it is also “sans nom.”  (or in lolspeak – without food)  Even Barbie’s appliances are billingual.  The oven and washer and dryer are in both English and French, both Celsius and Farenheit.  I asked if we should be concerned if her appliances are smarter than we are.  Maybe they can learn to cook for Barbie while she’s at school.  If so, I want to import some of these!

So, as you have probably guessed, Barbie and I rekindled our great tradition of cookie baking!  Which involves drinking, giggling, eating, decorating, and oh yeah making cookies.  Here are the fruits of our labor!

So, there you have it, a fun and lazy Sunday.  Tomorrow is travel day.  Then I start work on Tuesday.


2 Responses

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  2. This is awesome. I’ve never wanted to go to Canada but this…this changes my mind 😉 No name, the Beer Store, Loblaws. I’m sold. I love it!

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