Canada pt. 4 (home again)

I’ve returned from Canada, but not without a few more adventures.

This morning, I went with Barbie to run a couple errands at her school.  I was able to finally get pictures of the wild Canadian geese.  Not too close, because I’ve heard they’re mean and sneaky.  I also got another picture of campus.

Note the Canadian flag.  It’s everywhere.  Including the following place.  Check out the middle of the golden arches.

We decided to take the ferry to cross the border instead of the bridge or the tunnel.  I documented our brief international waterway crossing.  Note the big tractor trailor that was next to us on the ferry.  No, we obviously didn’t sink.

And naturally the duty-free shop welcomes you back into the U.S.

Now, I’m back home.  And I had already forgotten how warm it is!  But it’s nice.  I had a great trip to Canada and to visit Barbie!  I’ll miss her.  It will be a while before I venture up north again, at least until the late spring or summer!  But I can say I enjoyed our mischief in Canada and will gladly do it again.

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