Now introducing…

I am pleased to introduce to you one of the “self-declared” Queens of sallaboutme….

Diva Kitty.  She is loved, adored, and feared by all of Sally’s friends.  (Or at least we let her think so.)  She is the most beautiful kitty in the whole wide world…in her own little head.

Yes, she is resting on the liquor cabinet between the Bitch wine and the fancy wine glasses. 

Being the diva that she is, she had to make a fashionably late entrance to the sallaboutme party.  But we welcome her and all her fantastic-ness.  Please get acquainted, but please, don’t mess up the fur.

Notice a theme.  She is definitely a pretty, pretty princess who likes to pose.  It’s okay, you’ll get used to it.  If not, she’ll cut you!  Just kidding…well maybe not.  She makes a great paperweight and is pretty to look at, and is sweet (when you’re not looking).  Please fawn and adore her…it’s the least she expects from you.

2 Responses

  1. […] about this time of year.  It comes from a seemingly unlikely place.  Imagine if you will, a cantankerous, aloof, snooty cat with more attitude to spare than the biggest queen backstage at a drag show.  And then couple it with bitterly cold weather.  It would seem like a […]

  2. […] and mittens)  But unfortunately none of the snow really stuck to the ground.  And as you can see, Diva Kitty got a little bit of a romp outside.  Hopefully soon, I’ll also figure out how to get my […]

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