Signs, signs, everywhere signs

…blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind.

So I’ve recently been given some signs, some have been much more obvious, but for the first time I’ve been paying closer attention to them.  I really think that it has helped me make a more positive turn in my life.   And fits much closer to Sally’s new purpose this year.

So, I encourage everyone to open up your eyes and see the signs.  Don’t push them aside to see the scenery.   Take a minute to open your mind to something funny, coincidental, or just plain obvious.  Then you can go back to the scenery.  And, it’s ok, long-haired, freaky people are allowed to apply!

One Response

  1. NO WAY! I was just thinking about posting something similar! On my walk with Wrigley on Monday I found a leaf in the shape of a heart! It is now on my fridge. Stupid thing made me happy as a clam.

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