I has an ouchie

I have done it.  Or rather, I have done something.  To my right arm.  My deltoid to be exact.  I injured my left deltoid several years ago when I got overzealous with a swimming workout.  And this is how it feels, although not quite as bad.  I can still move my right arm, but it makes typing, writing, mouse clicking, sleeping, and general everyday things more painful.  Several anti-inflammatories at a time don’t seem to touch it.  The only thing that is relieving is a big bag of ice!  Which is oh so attractive sitting at my desk at work with baggie of ice tied to my arm with my scarf…hey, I’m resourceful!  The worst part…I have absolutely no idea how I did it.  Could be too much upper body workout, or too much mouse clicking, or just my weird sleeping habits and awkward positions I sometimes find myself sleeping in.  Either way, I has an OUCH and I wish it would go away!!

One Response

  1. I feel your pain!! Awkward injuries unite!!

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