eyes & ears

What I’m currently listening to…

Buckcherry: Black Butterfly
This is one of my favorite, pure rock bands.  I’m still waiting for this album to grow on me like the others in the past.  It doesn’t seem quite as catchy, but I have been only intermittantly catching bits while I’m in the car.  Although the first single, “Too Drunk,” doesn’t disappoint.  It’s right up there with “Porno Star,” “Lit Up,” and “Crazy Bitch.”  All the great Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n Roll songs they produce!  But I am happy to report that this album, like all the others, has great workout and running music.  iPod here it comes!

What I’m currently reading…

The Bombshell Manual of Style  (by Laren Stover)
Va Va Voom!  This is the greatest $2.99 plus tax that I’ve ever invested!  Found this on my way out of a discount store after I had already made my purchases.  After flipping a couple pages of this tall, narrow book, I walked back to the cashier and handed her a couple dollars and some change.  It’s not that it’s really a manual to teach you how to be a bombshell, but how to nurture your inner bombshell.  It explains the difference between a bombshell and a diva and other lesser respected femme fatale stereotypes.  If nothing else, it is entertaining and I recommend it for every woman on your gift list!

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