Cave man art?

I think there is a gang in my neighborhood.  Yes, a gang.  I’m serious!  I’ve seen the graffiti around my neighborhood.  But I don’t think it’s anything to be alarmed about or afraid of.  Because I think my neighborhood is being taken over by a gang of…


I have already questioned this graffiti in an earlier post.  But here it is again, note the triceratops just below the state flag.


But now I’ve noticed this phenomenon all around my neighborhood and I’m keen on finding more.  If anyone comes across a triceratops in west Nashville, please let me know!

I noticed this sign when I was leaving my local sushi spot, taking the alley as a shortcut.



No parking in the alley – it is reserved by a triceratops!  Notice the detail work on the close up?

And I found this one when I was walking and biking to and from my new job.  See, it is a territorial gang.  Who needs neighborhood watch?


At least I know I’m protected…prehistoric style!

6 Responses

  1. OMG! This is HILARIOUS?? Dinosaurs??

  2. Not just dinosaurs…Triceratops to be exact!!

  3. Hmm, I wonder what Littlefoot and Cera would have to say about this. Maybe they are Land Before Time fans?

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