Tis better to give…

I’ve decided to add a new frequent posting, inspired by my coworker (we’ll call her Kentucky) and a recent post by Legally.  Because sometimes it is better to give than to receive certain gifts.

Kentucky’s new boyfriend’s parents sent her some xmas gifts.  How sweet.  The bf’s step-mother is very “crafty” and she made Kentucky some snowman socks.  Complete with a carrot nose that sticks out from the sock, buttons, sticky bumps on the sole, and teeny-tiny socks knitted on the front.  When she tried to describe them to me, it didn’t begin to approach the awesomeness of this gift.  Unfortunately these socks do not fit her.  But the best part…Kentucky is a tall (6 ft) girl and the bf’s step-mother has met her and has no doubt grasped the altitude on Kentucky and one would only assume that she would not have tiny baby feet like me.  Poor Kentucky, the socks barely fit her hand…and do NOT fit even my foot!  No worries!  We have adopted Socky the Snowmen as our new office mascots!



Socky the Snowman on Kentucky's hand

Socky the Snowman on Kentucky's hand


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