Happy New Year

So, my horoscope yesterday actually had great advice.  It suggested writing a letter to yourself to be read in one year.  It asks you reflect on the past year, particularly what you have accomplished and are thankful for.  It also asks you to write what you want to happen in the new year.  I thought this was a great exercise, even though I usually avoid feel-good hoopla like this.  But given the rollercoaster ride that was last year and Sally’s new outlook on life, I think I actually have something to add.

After spending quite some time as a lady of leisure, I managed to finally snag a job, which eventually led to what I believed was a dream job.  I made the most of it and proved my strong will and endurance, but more importantly I proved that I knew what was best for me.  Happily I eventually ended up with a better job that has restored Sally’s sanity, freedom, and confidence.  It has proved to be a brilliant move.

I eventually made a much needed, but loving, parting with a long-time friend.  Once again, Sally was able to finally experience some freedom without truly losing what I already had.  It also allowed me to have some fun and pushed me to make a brave move outside my comfort zone.  I have discovered new things and definitely have some great stories to share.

Now, I have decided that with all the ups and downs of last year and recoveries I’ve made that I have a new plan…

I am going to own 2009!!

I am going to take it on, make it mine, and get more out of it than I could ever imagine.  Look out new year….2009 belongs to Sally!!

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  1. Lady, it is the year of Sally!

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