How will it turn out?

I have been on hold for more than 30 45 minutes.  I am waiting for a supervisor, but they thank me for my patience.  Yeah, right.

I got my Comcast bill today.  I was eagerly anticipating the lower bill since I’ve bragged about switching to the cheaper internet service.  But for some reason, my bill was a little more than last month.  How odd?  Not really, they charged me a service call! $30 for a service call?! (more than half of my bill!)  A couple weeks ago, I called and reported a problem I’ve had for a while; noise and background pictures (ghosting) on my local channels.  The service tech waited until after dark to show up.  He unhooked and rehooked up the cable, but never crawled under the house (where my cable set up really is).  I still had the problem.  He said, “there’s nothing I can do, it’ll get fixed when the digital switch happens.”  I figured he just didn’t want to crawl under the house in the dark and in the cold.  (sorry you waited until the end of my 3 hour timeframe to show up, but that’s not my problem!)  Essentially the guy told me there was nothing he could do to fix it.  Hence…No Service.

Recently, the local station that has the most trouble with ghosting held a test run and shut off their analog signal.  Guess what?  The problem wasn’t fixed.  In fact, it was worse!

Now, they are telling me that it warranted a service call charge, because supposedly the tech replaced some splitter.  I was never informed of a replacement of anything or of any charges.  Now, I’m still waiting on hold for a supervisor.  If this charge can’t be dropped, I guess I’m dropping cable (and my cheaper internet service).  My picture is much better on the digital box anyway.

So, now it’s a waiting game.  How long will they keep me on hold?  Will they drop the charge?  Will I drop my cable?

Stay tuned…I’ll give you results after these brief messages from our sponsors.  We appreciate your patience…

Update: After spending a total of 55 minutes on the phone (a large portion of which on hold!), I finally was connected with a supervisor.  I gave my soliloquy on the ridiculousness of paying $30 for a no-service service call.  The polite woman on the other end said she’d credit my account with the amount of the service call.  I will check back in a couple days to see if it actually happened and then gladly pay my bill, sans service charge.  So, for now, I still have my 12-ish channels of cable and cheap internet.

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  1. As someone who went through a Comcast Battle to The Death, I say fight it. If they don’t agree with you, I will give you the email address to the regional vice president. After 8 months of fighting with my problem, he fixed in within 24 hours.

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