This past Sunday I attended ecoChic Swap.  This was SO much fun!  Basically, I dropped off 5 things I didn’t want anymore.  Then on Sunday I showed up, got a glass of wine, and browsed all the things that other people brought to give away.  I managed to grab a couple things I wanted, and lucked out in the dressing room when someone else couldn’t fit into or didn’t want other items that were perfect for me.  It was a lot of fun, everyone was very nice, and they had tons of sizes and styles.  And I ran into quite a few people I’ve met before there, too.  I got a lot of great stuff in exchange for my items and all for free, with a $5 donation, but I got even more during the ‘free for all’ at the end.

Here are my 5 items I exchanged for my “tickets.”  A fabulous leather jacket, a pair of Ann Taylor pants, a fun hoodie, cute wedges, and a (I think) vintage Puma jacket.


And here are my other scores.  Even Diva Kitty approves.

score-2I walked away with an additional: pair of J. Crew pants, Ann Taylor skirt, embroidered T-shirt, J.Crew jacket/shirt, turtleneck sweater, black Kenneth Cole shirt, black and brown Puma sneakers, and a striped summer skirt (seen beneath Diva Kitty).

I definitely love Sunny’s idea to start ecoChic to save money and to be more environmentally friendly by recycling clothes!  You better believe that I’m already thinking about the next one scheduled for May 3rd!  It’s already on my calendar and I have a reminder set for pre-registration.

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  1. thank you so much for the shout-out and for the fabulous blog entry on your ecoChic experience! I love hearing your account of the events… the kindness in the dressing room to share… and I am glad to see those wedges went to a good home b/c I was eyeing them myself!

    I look forward to seeing you at the next ecoChic swap on May 3rd. Please forward invited to all of your friends as we have 150 spaces to fill! Woo Hoo! Even more goodies!!!

  2. […] and was in need of some new work shoes that are dressy casual and that I can wear around town.  Then, I went to the ecoChic Swap, and scored two more pairs.  And to be fair, it wasn’t like I purchased those, they were swapped or selected in the […]

  3. […] catching up over a glass of wine, I went with a friend to the latest ecoChic Swap!  I loved my last ecoChic adventure and once again this one did not disappoint.   Here is my fabulous […]

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