More cave man art

While walking to the movie portion of my surprise date on Saturday, my eyes caught this outside the theater.


Now, my curiousity is peaked again about this dinosaur graffiti.  More specifically…triceratops graffiti.  Notice at the bottom of the silver box thing – another triceratops, just like the ones in my previous post.  In fact, upon closer inspection, it is a sticker that has been placed on the box.

Then, when we got to the window at the box office, I discovered this.


Perhaps it is a sign?  Are they somehow connected?  Could Belcourt be their home base?  Obviously, the dinosaur gang isn’t confined just to my neighborhood (Jurassic Sylvan Park?), but they are branching to all of West Nashville.

I performed another google search, but still haven’t discovered the source.  Very curious.  Once again, any sightings of dinosaurs or triceratops in Nashville reported here would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. […] Ok, now I know it’s not just a cute coincidence anymore, as I posted here and here.  Either there really is a dinosaur gang in my neighborhood or someone’s just messing with […]

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