Jurassic Sylvan Park

Ok, now I know it’s not just a cute coincidence anymore, as I posted here and here.  Either there really is a dinosaur gang in my neighborhood or someone’s just messing with me, and I really hope it’s the former.

I hopped on the interstate today to go to my mother’s house, because she requested I clean out every last bit of my stuff from her house before she moves to her new house.  As I was careening down the on-ramp, I looked up and saw this on the green signs hanging from the Acklen Park overpass.



Are you kidding me? Another Triceratops!  I don’t think this one is a sticker, it appears to be painted.  I went up to Acklen Park to see if I could get to the dino, but it’s nearly impossible and highly dangerous.  I have no idea how they got the dino up there.

Ok, really…

Update: This is the closest explanation I can find for the tagging around town.   “Besides, Dino isn’t as interested in his tag as other graffiti artists are in theirs. He prefers to draw or stencil images, mostly dinosaurs, especially the three-horned triceratops.” Thank you, Uno Dino, for the entertainment!

One Response

  1. I think you might be being stalked by a gang of very agile 9 year old boys.

    Seriously, though, that’s weird.

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