A week in names

What’s in a name?  Apparently a lot more than just your average Sally!  This past week I’ve been called a lot of things.

Last Friday, it was hot and I really wanted a frosty beverage.  You know, the kind with an umbrella and involves an ingredient that is judged by its percentage of “proof?”  But alas, I was on lunch break and had to go back to work and I decided the neighborhood smoothie location was too far.  So I stopped at the nearest fast food location for soft serve in a cup.  When the person at the window gave me my change, she called me “Boo.”  Twice.  Maybe it’s just that I so rarely go to a fast food joint and even more rarely use the drive thru, but that was a new one.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and I’m waiting to cross the street to get to work.  A disabled, somewhat homeless looking, fellow comes up to me and says “I love little women.  I love you!”  He proceeds to repeat the little women comment several times, that I wonder if maybe he just has a thing for Louisa May Alcott books.  He also asked if my name was Becky, because he’d love me more.  Saved by the “Walk” sign and quickly crossed the street.

Yesterday, was a 2-for-1.  The hippie at the smoothie place called me “ma’am.”  Oh how I hate ma’am.  And while walking a dog in a sketchy part of town, a (somewhat equally as sketchy) guy crossed the street to say “Hello gorgeous.”

The week isn’t over yet, what’s next?  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been called?


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