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What I’m currently watching…

The Wire
Thanks to Kentucky (and my inability to turn down a challenge) I am completely and utterly hooked on this HBO series!  My Netflix queue has had nothing but the entire box set for the past two and a half months.  Kentucky warned me that it is an addictive show, and I thought I could withstand the draw, but I was wrong.  This gritty, crime drama has such compelling characters.  I love the way they shoot the episodes as well, as if you are really there eavesdropping on the activities.  The best part, you don’t even know how well the story lines interweave until you’re a few seasons in.  I’m on the final season right now.  I don’t know what I’ll do without my fix of McNulty, Bubbles, Kima, Bunk, et al.

What I’m currently listening to…

Circus (Britney Spears)
Go ahead, judge me.  Are you done?  Thanks again to Kentucky, I went to the Circus tour in Las Vegas last month.  I was originally more excited about the trip to Vegas than Britney, but I figured it would at least be a good show (or a good trainwreck).  It was an incredible entertaining experience.  We got our money’s worth with the circus performers alone!  So, after having that much fun at the show (while  moderately sober no less), I decided I should at least get the album.  It came in yesterday and I spent the evening listening to it.  Darnit, that stuff is catchy!!  And who doesn’t love some (as Perez Hilton said on the big screen before the show) “crazy bitches in fucktastic britches!”  Yes!  He did say that and who am I to argue with a queen?


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