My new favorite thing


Sally’s hooping!  That’s right, that is my new hula hoop.  Yes, hula hoop!  I have been taking a hooping class and love it!  Not only is it a great workout, but it’s fun.  I’m learning all kinds of tricks, and I can’t wait to bring it out at all the summer parties and bar-b-ques.  Don’t think I won’t do it.  Send your invites now and challenge me to leave the hoop at home!!

Happy Hooping!!

2 Responses

  1. Hoop Classes ??? !!! serious you get Hoop classes ??
    Interesting turn at a party !!
    My daughter has learned to make up songs, and dances to music, that is turning out to be a good party turn !!

    all the best Gareth

  2. […] started a garden.  Took up hula hooping.  Admitted I have a shoe problem, and learned to swap my clothes.  I attended some great […]

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