Sally’s Beach Adventure


I just returned from a lovely visit to the Gulf in Ft. Morgan, Alabama.  Barbie and I packed up the car and headed down mid-week.  Much love to Bama, whose family’s cabin we visited.  Bama was already gone, after spending the first part of the week there, but we visited with Bama’s mom and her friend.

beach 1

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

beach 3

beach 4

The first couple days were nice, but a bit windy.  The sand blasted you if you stayed on the beach too long.  Can you see the wind blowing around on the top of the sand dune?


beach 5

beach 7

Then, the wind started picking up more on the third day, so we (natch) hit the outlet mall.  Don’t worry, we didn’t do too much damage.  But we did have gelato for dinner at the best little spot.  Who says billboards don’t work?  Worked for us!

On the last day, I woke up to find that the Gulf of Mexico had moved in closer to the cabin…and under the cabin!  Apparently a tropical depression had been moving in.  Now notice how close the water is to the cabin now.

storm 1

storm 2

storm 3

Yes, that is water under the cabin and a wave slowly drifting towards the deck.

storm 4

So we packed up the car and headed home.  It rained the entire trip back, but it was fun adventure no doubt!

beach 6


6 Responses

  1. Did you visit Bon Secour?

  2. No, we didn’t visit Bon Secour, but we were right there and drove by it going to and from the cabin.

  3. Yes, we used to go down there alot when I was younger. Now we go to st. george island or cumberland island. have you been to either of those?

  4. Never been to either. But I’ve heard great things about St. George’s.

  5. […] had many adventures: monster trucks, Canada (told in four parts), searching for weird stuff, Vegas, beach, wining, to name a […]

  6. Which beach lodging do you recommend?

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