Freehand dino art

new dino

This weekend, I went for a little run with Barbie and then took her out for breakfast for her birthday.  As I pulled in the alley behind the deli, I spotted a new triceratops!  This one is freehand; no paint, no sticker.  Poor Barbie had to sit in the car in the alley while I took pictures.  Thank you Uno Dino for so much entertainment spotting these around town.


3 Responses

  1. This is insane. Do you think it is just one person leaving all the dino drawings around town?

  2. Actually, I do think it is one person, whose tag name is Uno Dino. See my link to the article in my Feb. 2nd entry (under “Update”).

  3. In britain, and strangely in hollywood, there is a bloke called Banksy if you google, he has some amazing stenciled art in the streets, often in the form of rats, ! brilliant !

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