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What I’m currently watching…

Dead Like Me
I love this show!  I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a snarky, jaded 18 year old grim reaper?  Besides my love of the main character(s) and affinity for shows about death and/or the dead, this is a really smart series!  It is a very intelligent, dry wit that can sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention.  It is too bad that it ended after only two seasons, and that the follow-up movie is disappointing.  But if you get a chance, spend a couple seasons with the reapers and you’ll adore George, too!

What I’m currently reading…

The Last Juror (by John Grisham)
Ok, I swore off Grisham novels years ago, even before I entered law school, but especially after getting my law degree.  But I was at my all-time favorite used book/CD/DVD locale and wanted an easy summer read.  This was the only one that did not seem to be solely about lawyers and law firms.  Yes, there is a murder trial that comes up, but it seems to be mostly about this young reporter/newspaper company owner and the tiny Southern town where it all takes place.

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