Cool Runnings

In the South.  In August.  Not so much.  There is nothing “cool” about the South in August.  It’s downright tropical, where the humidity levels and temperature are often approximately the same number.  Yet, I still get up (early) in the morning and go running.  I  know that the most miserable of the weather usually only lasts about a month and I’m about a week into it.  However, I’m running some of my longest runs in this weather.  Fortunately, the weather eventually gets cooler, and will be close to 40 degrees cooler on race day, several hundred miles north of here.

So, after returning from this morning’s run (literally dripping wet), I learned some interesting news about the race.  Apparently the last bit of the race will be running through a movie set, the race organizers announced this morning.  I doubt we will be actually “part” of the movie, but I guess I should check out the original movie just so I’m informed.


2 Responses

  1. Just read about this on Perez Hilton. The movie also stars Josh Hutcherson and Tom Cruise’s kid.

  2. Awesome, I’ll tell Josh and Connor hello for you if I see them!

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