Back Up

Sally’s back from a brief hiatus, where the blog was set in privacy mode.  I had a minor issue in my virtual world that required a temporary lock down.  Sorry for the delay, we now resume your regular programming.

In other news, we’ve had the most wonderful weather the past few days.  It’s hard to believe that it’s still August.  It truly feels like fall.  Even my walnut tree is telling me fall is on its way…dropping loud  walnuts on the roof from about 20-30 feet.  I always forget just how much I love fall, more so than any other season, until it rolls around briefly each year.  Too bad in this part of the country (or even this part of the state) we really only get two full seasons: Hot Summer and Bitter Winter.  For now, I’ll enjoy running in the cool weather, even if we do get a hot Indian Summer snap next week!

And it’s a sad week.  Barbie has started her trek back up to the great white north to go back to school.  I’m so sad to see her go. But I know in less than two months I will see her when I go up for the big race!  I’m going a few days early and staying a few days later so I can spend some quality time with her!  I can’t wait.  She’s my rock in the murky waters that is life right now.  And she’s pretty darn funny too!  I wish her a safe trip home!

Stay tuned…Sally has some really big news to announce soon!

2 Responses

  1. Good to see you up again and blogging !!
    Fall / autumn here kind of is the end of summer, and the beginning of winter, autumn is skipped, the leaves fall off the trees overnight, and it just seems to rain, and rain,…. then it rains… more. Apparently we are having the fall out from hurricane, Bob , or Bert or something today, !!! ( forgive my hurricane ignorance, )
    Look forward to the big news.
    All the best, and cheers for the comments. Gareth

  2. Awwww…. so sweet.

    Glad to see you back, darlin’.

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