Sunday adventures

I’ve been thinking a lot about feelings lately.  But today I particularly thought about that feel-good feeling you get after running 8 miles.  (Yes, an hour and twenty minutes of misery to get 10 minutes of endorphins).  And how good the long shower after running 8 miles feels.  I started my Sunday very early with an 8 mile run.  Just seven more weeks until the big race, and four weeks until the 15k.

After a few errands and house chores, I prepared some dinner with some of the bounty from my CSA.  Ratatouille, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad with a glass of wine.  Yum!


Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cut potatoes into small cubes.
Boil water with salt.
Add potatoes and boil for 20-25 min. until tender.
Drain potatoes, add minced garlic, and mash.
(Alternatively, you can boil whole garlic cloves with the potatoes and mash.)
Add butter/margarine and milk.
Mash until desired consistency, adding butter to taste and milk to desired creaminess.

Cut up eggplant, yellow squash, patty pan squash, zucchini.
Heat olive oil and garlic in large pan.
Add eggplant and squash.  Cook until veggies start to soften and release water, but not fully cooked.
Cut up a couple small tomatoes and red bell pepper, and add to pan.
Add some white wine.
Continue to cook covered until wine cooks down some and veggies reach desired level.

One Response

  1. Can’t beat garlic potato !!
    What’s patty pan squash ?? is it like a smaller version of a squash ?

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