Support Structure

Sally’s had a lot of things going on in her life lately.   The phrase roller coaster seems apropos.  There have been ups and downs and sharp side turns.  However, like any roller coaster, you need a good support structure to withstand this ride.  Otherwise everything falls apart and someone gets hurt.  I discovered a great support structure recently and want to give credit to these beams and joists and bolts.

Some of the greatest support and advice I’ve gotten recently (and over several years of my past) have come from Barbie (of course), Mama-cita (a long-time close friend and supermom), and Mister T (not the guy with the beard and chains, but a friend who helps with the male perspective).  Each one is unique and supports me in different, but important ways.   I have also found support and advice from Kentucky and Legally.  Though newer friends with no real obligation to lend an ear, they have proven valuable and I’m grateful for it.  I’m stronger with my support structure and might even be able to have a safer and more fun ride with it.  (even if the fun is laughing at it only after I’ve completely debarked the ride and standing safely on the ground)


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  1. Gotta have a support structure ! me wife is very good, the voice of reason,
    Thanks for the comments as always, linked to your redneck comment, I found strangely, that one of the best support structures, was Blue Collar comedy tours, dvd on a 10hr round trip from vegas, to the grand canyon, and hoover dam What a day ! but Jeff foxworthy etal made things better !!
    p.s Could you imagine having Mr. T as a support stucture hahah ” Cut yer jibba jabba, yer crazy fool ! ” brilliant.

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