Happy No Work Day

Finally, we are starting the holiday season.  Summer is just too long without any major holidays between spring and winter.  I celebrate whatever holidays they will give me a day off of work.  As you can see below, Diva Kitty celebrates this day everyday, and was particularly irritated that I would take a picture of her not “laboring.”

diva kitty

Well, Sally was actually laboring quite a bit today.  Remember when I said I had some big news coming soon?  I’m still not ready to spill the beans, but I figure I can give you hints along the way in each post until the big day.  The first hint is that I spent much of today going through everything in my ‘office’ in my house.  Wow, I had a lot of old paper that filled up the recycling bin.  For those readers who already know the big news, you are NOT allowed to spill it here.  For the others, feel free to keep guessing.  In a couple weeks you’ll find out if you’re right.

One Response

  1. If we guess correct, will you tell us ?? hmm
    Reckon you could be moving ? or new job, ? Or writing a book ? theres some bases covered !!
    All the best Gareth

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