Lately I’ve been feeling like an island.  Bobbing along in an open ocean of still water without so much as a small wave to push me along and renew my shoreline.  Often I am very happy to be an island unto myself; unique, individual, and self-sufficient.  But I’m learning new surprises every day about where I receive (or don’t receive) support.  Thank goodness for running, it keeps me sane and is the one place I love to be an island.  I keep hearing this lyric over and over in my head lately from Fiona Apple.

“If there was a better way to go then it would find me,
I can’t help it, the road just rolls out behind me,
Be kind to me, or treat me mean,
I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine.”

Final clue, big announcement tomorrow! It involves a lot of monetary and time investment.  Stay tuned!


One Response

  1. Tell us, tell us the suspense is killing us …..
    Are you going to invest in rolex or something ???
    all the best gareth, Hey when’s the race this weekend?

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