Modern day Swingers

I’ve seen this movie a couple times.   I never remember much about the story other than it seemed really disappointing and depressing, but for some reason guys seem to love this movie.  Guys also bring it up when talking to me, because I either already was or in the process of becoming an entertainment attorney like one of the female characters in the movie.  So it should come as no surprise that I’m currently experiencing a modern day version.

This weekend I attended a wedding.  Normally I hate weddings, but the couple are some of my “fun” friends and I knew the party would be good, plus I would know several other fun mutual friends at the event.  I was enjoying sitting at the table by myself, when I thought to myself “you know, guys never really come over and ask the single girl sitting by herself to dance; that only happens on movies.”  Dammit, I jinxed myself.  Within 5 minutes, some random guy shows up and I have the following interaction.

Wedding Guy: “You look familiar, I’m friends with the groom and other mutual friends, we must have met at a party once before.”
Me: “What’s your name?  I’m really bad at names, but I usually remember faces and you don’t look familiar.  But, I have a really bad memory.  So, either I just don’t remember or you’re just full of it.”

Wedding Guy sticks around me the rest of the night, making me dance (not a bad dancer) and getting me drinks.  So, he was useful.  Though I wanted to be by myself, I did have fun.  Even if I think one of the mutual friends sent him over to entertain me.  When I left he insisted on getting my number, so I gave it to him so I could just leave.  Then I fell into the Swingers mode.  I get a random text message at 1:15am asking if I made it home, assuming it is Wedding Guy I ignore it.  Then I don’t hear anything else from him.  The text message has replaced the random voicemail message from the movie.  But just as I start to think on Tuesday (3 days after the wedding), “cool this guy’s not going to actually call me, he’s a player just as I thought,” I get a phone call at 10pm.  It’s Wedding Guy.

WG: “Hi, it’s Wedding Guy.”
Me: “Um, yeah, I was just about to go to bed.”
WG: “Oh.  Well, I think I have Friday off.”
Me: “Oh, yeah.  I’m leaving the country on Thursday.”

Ladies, I highly recommend using this excuse.  While it was true in my case, it does work to pick the day just before someone suggests something and mention you will be totally unreachable.  Wedding Guy knows when I get back from my trip, so if he’s still interested and tries calling me again, I might consider it.  But for right now, I’m really trying to take a break and enjoy my single-ness.


One Response

  1. treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen ?? or something like that…

    like the excuse of leaving the country though, very funny !!

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