Canada pt. 1

Yesterday, I began my annual trip to Canada.  I hopped a plane to Detroit (by way of Baltimore) to visit Barbie.  She picked me up at the airport and we made our way across the border.  After we entered Canada I confessed I was pretty hungry so we pulled off in a border town and I convinced Barbie to stop at a random strip mall pizza joint.  Mostly I wanted to stop there  because I was curious about their sign.

puffio sign

What in the world is a Puffio?!  I mean, c’mon who isn’t curious by that?  It’s either something I’ve never heard of, or it’s some Canadian-ism for something I know by another name.  Either way, it’s a cultural learning experience potential, and I never turn those down!  Turns out a puffio is different from a panzerotti according to the nice lady inside (what is a panzerotti??).  After ordering two “kids-sized” puffios with our choice of ingredients, we discovered two things:

1.  A puffio is a deep fried calzone
2.  “Kids size” must also be metric in Canada because it was HUGE.


After stuffing ourselves with yummy fried goodness (it was actually good despite the fried factor), we got back on the road.  Soon after we were on our way, it started SNOWING!  Yes,  snow.  It wasn’t much more than a dusting and didn’t stick to the road, but it was enough to make driving confusing.  So, in the middle of October, I’ve had my first snow experience.  Yay, Canada.

6 Responses

  1. Calzone …is that a folded pizza ?? then deep fried ?? calorific!

  2. buddy your story makes me laugh as i am sure you had your puffio in my hometown of sarnia,on..i miss home but the thing i dream of the most is going to ciccios for a good old puffio…ya cant beat it..thanks for the memories..

  3. puffios are the best panzerottis ever! you chose a great place to get something to eat in sarnia. and if you think the kids size is big, you should see the large- it’s the size of a cat.

    also, once you have tried an oven baked panzerotti, you’ll appreciate the deep fried ones a bit more, because they taste so much better.

  4. I live near Ciccio’s and they have the BEST puffio’s around, so cool to see your post!! 🙂

    • I love that I get so many comments on this post that’s over 3 years old! In fact one of the most searched terms is about puffios! Looks like it was serendipitous that we stopped there!

  5. Just to let you know I grew up in sarnia and just found out the original owners retired Jan. 1 2014. New name is Siccio’s they say they kept the recipes and staff. Hope this is true

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