Canada pt. 4 (the finale)

I am finally home again.  It feels great, and Diva Kitty is so happy to see me. (don’t worry the affection won’t last long)  My final trip home was quite an adventure.  Barbie had class this morning, so I stayed behind to pack.  I went for my first run since the race, a light easy 2 miles.  It wasn’t bad, but my right calf started hurting again during the run.  Never had post-race pain last this long.  I guess I need to ease back into it; I’ll get plenty of upper body work this weekend at the hooping seminars.  After Barbie’s class, I drove over to the school to pick her up.  Yes, that was my first time attempting to drive in a foreign country.  Hard to believe that’s the first time, considering how much and how long I’ve been traveling internationally.  I managed the mile or two and back without any problems.  We stopped for some last minute falafel (Yum!) before hitting the road.

We hit some construction traffic in Canada.  Then, while waiting in line at the border, we witnessed something crazy that held up our pass through the border.  It appeared that the border patrol surrounded and arrested several Mennonites or Hutterites several cars ahead of us.  We were eventually back on the road, but were caught in the web that is Metro Detroit rush hour/construction traffic.

We arrived at the airport 10 minutes before my flight was scheduled to take off.  I was certain I had missed my flight, so I went to the ticket counter.  I needed to check a bag anyway.  The guy at the counter told me I would make the flight but my bag might not.  I thought there is no way I would ever make it through security at a major airport in 10 minutes and I really didn’t want to sprint to the gate, especially with my sore calf from the 2 miles this morning.  I got to the gate, and they were just boarding.  Wow, couldn’t believe it.  We landed on time and I walked to baggage claim.  Just as I neared the carousel, my bag was floating by.  No way, the bag made it too?!  At some point in my life I must have pleased the gods of air travel.

I successfully made it home!  So, to recap…that’s 7 days, my first snow of the season, 6 border crossings, 13.1 miles, becoming an international racer, one Ikea trip, one H&M trip, one puffio, one sinful cupcake, a Titans jersey in a Canadian bar, several funny signs, one crazy border crossing, fortuitous air travel, and a sore calf.  What a trip!

2 Responses

  1. You go on holiday, and visit Ikea ?? Is that the best Canada has to offer ?? It’s off of my holiday wish list !! It’s pretty lucky with that baggage at the airport though !

  2. I am SO glad you made it.

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