Sally’s Ring of Fire

This weekend I learned to become a fire performer.  Yes, FIRE.

It was the hooping worksh0op weekend extravaganza.  I learned about the safety of fire performing and more specifically how to perform with a fire hoop.  What is a fire hoop?  Imagine a hoop with about 5 spokes sticking out with torches on the end.  Or, visit the website.

It was the most amazing powerful experience.  And probably one of the most incredibly dangerous things I have ever experienced.  Picture this.  Feel the weight of the heavy hoop on your waist.  Listen to the roar of fire as it whooshes around your body.  Smell the fuel and the burn of the wicks.  Feel the heat of the flames as they lick upwards at you.  Watch the dizzying lights and flames as they encircle you at an incredible speed.  I am completely in love.  I have always loved hooping, but this takes it to head-over-heels level.

And for the great reveal.  For the first time, dear readers, you will see a picture of Sally.  Yes, I am revealing my identity online.  The fire hooping pictures are just too good to not share!





Yes, I know, you can’t really see me in the photos.  You didn’t actually think I’d lose my loyalty to anonymity here?  The photos are awesome, but they just don’t do the live show justice.  I plan to get my own fire hoop and start practicing with some of the amazing hoopers from this weekend!

We also had other seminars this weekend.  Advanced hooping, sensual hooping (sorry no pics for that one), and LED hooping.  As you can see above, my fire hoop was also an LED hoop (as in it has LED lights inside the hoop).  The LED class was an incredible exercise in playing with light.

I’ll leave you with some photos from that workshop as well.  The first photo is me again (don’t you recognize me?), and I’ve included some group shots as well for the full light show.






5 Responses

  1. Thats pretty amazing,
    who invented the idea though of combining a hoop , with fire !!?? 2 extremes that you would not think of really !!

    good pics though !
    all the best.

  2. THAT is awesome.

  3. Very neat! I can see it being used as a weapon in a scifi movie like mad max. Dangerous and beautiful.

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