Happy Place

Last night I was thinking about my “happy place.”  Before you start getting any ideas, I mean somewhere or something that makes me feel good.   I decided that I have three distinct happy places.   Places I walk away from always feeling great!  In no particular order…

1. The Bathtub

Anyone who knows me, even only marginally, knows I have deep love affair with the bath.  Even as a child I could spend hours in the tub.  Although back then it was with toys, now it is with a large (emphasis on large) glass of wine or other cocktail of the moment and sometimes chocolate and/or ice cream.  It is well-known that Sally likes to drink in the tub.  A lot.  I swear it’s the cure for any headache, stress, etc.  I also frequently take phone calls from the tub, (Is that an echo, do I hear water…yes!) even though I don’t normally answer the phone on dry land.  I guess it relaxes me enough to handle a phone conversation.  If you’re skeptical, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and draw a nice hot bath…nothing tops it!

2. Trader Joe’s

Ok, I’ve joked that TJ’s is my happy place, it’s my Disneyland!  We’ve been graced with one only in the last year here, but it’s a single girl’s theme park.  First, it’s super cheap.  Every time I’m at the cashier I estimate the total will be at least 20% more than it really is and I’m thrilled each time.  Second, there are all kinds of new and different things to try, and at those prices why not try some pumpkin pancake mix, or chili spiced dried pineapples, or  sea salt and turbinado sugar and dark chocolate covered almonds?  Third, you always feel really good in there.  No really, I think they pump atomized Prozac through the vents.  If you don’t believe me, watch the people who work there, they are the happiest people on earth and they spend several hours a day there.  Finally, which may be related to the third reason, you always feel like the people who work at TJ’s are hitting on you…regardless of gender.  I always feel like the cutest, smartest, funniest girl when I’m in that store.  Sometimes I think I go there just for the ego boost.  And the free samples in the back!

3. My hoop

I can’t explain it.  I always feel really good when I’m in my hoop and can walk away from a workout feeling so much joy even after the worst day in history.  It must massage some internal organs that release endorphins and other feel-good hormones while you’re hooping.  Recently during the hooping workshops, the guest teacher commented that I look so “calm and at peace” when I’m hooping.  I never really thought about it, but figured I was probably concentrating really hard while she was watching so I wouldn’t mess up.  But another hooper I’ve worked with also agreed that I’m “very Zen” when I’m hooping.  It’s great to know that something so simple can put me in such a state.  I know when I’m hooping, I feel very unique, sexy, and powerful all at the same time.   While this is still a new “place” for me, I very glad for having found the hoop.

What’s your happy place?

5 Responses

  1. Happy place eh….

    1) Anywhere my daughter,and or family are
    2) Sheffield wednesday ‘s Hillsborough ground !!
    3) music shops, or just listening to music.
    4) Can I have 4 ??? My shed, doing a bit of DIY etc. OR painting I love decorating ( Can I have 5 ??? ) but I have to decorate bare foot .. odd but true !
    Have a good weekend Gareth

  2. You can have as many or as few happy places as you want! No one can put a number on what makes you feel good!

  3. 1. Running.. preferably somewhere I’ve never run before just making my own route as I go.

    2. Snowboarding.. nothing else can be so incredibly quiet and peaceful while simultaneously giving you a huge rush.

    3. Being on a cruise ship (or any beach it may take you to).. after 3 cruises in the span of a little over a year I’m certain there is no way to be unhappy on a cruise ship.

  4. I do love a good new running route where I can lose myself for a while in all the new sights.

    I’ve never been snowboarding, but I’ve always wanted to try it.

    Ahhh….the beach! How could I leave out the beach?! I have a deep love affair with the beach. Sitting in the sand, listening to the waves, not a single responsibility, and a frosty cocktail in hand…..ahhhhh

  5. […] know I’ve talked about how much I adore baths.  Give me a big glass of wine and a deep tub any day and I am instantly in a better mood.  So, […]

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