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Who Says”  (John Mayer)
I have never been a huge John Mayer fan.  Don’t love him, don’t hate him either.  But as with any over-played, college-girl loved music, it wears out on me quickly and I start to dismiss it.  But I heard this new single on the local indie radio station and love it!  There are some great lines in the lyrics.  I also love how fluid the whole song is; you can just groove right along.  The album comes out in a couple weeks, guess I might give the crooner another chance.  And yes, “it’s been a long time since 22.”  (Thank goodness!)


One Response

  1. I finally bought use your illusion 2 G ‘n R !! really for Estranged. We played these 2 albums on loop back in the day (1991/2) , never really went back to them…. sometimes going back is good, sometimes you wish you hadn’t ! hahaha Too many bad hair cuts, !! now I have next to no hair ! hahaHA.
    Hears to music !

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