(I’m starting a new featured posting.  It’s no secret that I experience weird stuff on a daily basis.  I have tried to explain to one friend that I don’t seek out such weirdness, it just seems to find me.  Barbie has a theory that maybe it’s not an issue of weird stuff picking one person to happen to, but rather that particular person keeps their eyes open for it and are more observant.  Either way, I’ve got a knack for witnessing the strange and random.)

A trip to the grocery

This weekend I made what I thought was a routine errand run to the grocery store.  With a few items in my cart, I picked the shortest cashier line, and that’s when I saw it.  Ahead of me was a man purchasing 78 sticks of Speed Stick.  Yes, I counted!  That was all he was purchasing and he paid cash.  I have no idea what this guy planned to do with that many sticks of deodorant, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away as the cashier ran every single stick through the scanner.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  78 times!  I’m pretty sure a grocery store doesn’t stock that many sticks on the shelf, so he must have asked someone to gather more from the stock in the back.  I hope no guys went to that store later hoping to buy some deodorant.  Maybe this guy knows something about Speed Stick that we don’t.

4 Responses

  1. I don’t remember much from college, but I worked a little retail and I’m pretty sure we could scan an item 1 time and type in a quantity.

    As for the guy, maybe he was buying them to donate to an orphanage or some kind of similar program. Places like that survive on donations and in bad economic times they probably need them even more. Or he could just be a weirdo with a deodorant fetish.

  2. I’m hoping it was something as charitable as an orphanage. But this guy seemed really weird, and I was scared to take even a stealth picture of the deodorant mound.

  3. He probably heard the make was being discontinued… and doesn’t want to change brand, it can be traumatic for a man to change deodorant don’t you know ?!! haha, ( mind you with a name like “speed stick” it ain’t inspiring is it !!

  4. My mom just gave the Body Odor lecture to her second graders. Ha, she should have bought deodorant in bulk!

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