How do you fuel the holidays?  Through commercialism and advertisements.* Yes, it’s that time of year, when we’re bombarded by retailers hawking guilt and happiness rather than focusing on good will, family, and whatever-else-do-gooders-love.

As I flip through the radio stations in my car, every single station is currently on a jewelry commercial.  “Make her happy this season.”  “Give him the watch that shows him you care.”  “Every kiss begins with Kay.”  Nope sorry, I’m pretty sure there are other things you can do (that don’t cost money) that show him you care, and as my fabulous hairdresser put it, every kiss begins with you buying me dinner.  Also, why is there this enormous pressure to get engaged over the holidays?  Isn’t it already stressful enough to worry about buying someone a present and/or the fact that you’re single without having that thrown in your face every seven minutes during your favorite tv show or pop/rock/hip-hop/country/etc. station?

I have decided I’m going to attack just one automobile manufacturer rather than the whole lot of them.  (Besides, our own local ones have enough problems of their own up in Detroit.)  Every year this overpriced Toyota starts showing sedans and SUVs with giant red bows on them.  The husband/wife/significant other makes the other look out the window to see such a display and they are so excited.  And for a moment we’re transported from reality.   Seriously?  Who here thinks they could 1. afford to buy a luxury car as a gift, 2. buy it without the significant other noticing the large chunk of money missing and/or credit check and/or change in insurance, 3. go through points 1 &2 and not get smacked, do some serious explaining, and then have to take it back the next day?  I mean really, I don’t have any friends or family who could feasibly do this.  And those who can do this kind of gift-giving, do you think they really watch South Park, The Office, or whatever else normal people watch on tv?

Fortunately I haven’t come across too many of these commercials this year, yet.  But inevitably there are commercials featuring a strong rugged guy with a horse in the snow (Stetson) or  a woman in the loving arms of a man who is obviously entranced by her scent that you can almost smell it through your tv (Prince Matchabelli, Chanel, Estee Lauder, et al.).  Maybe the old school commercials have gone by the wayside to all the popstars peddling their own particular scent of fame and shamelessness (Britney, Paris Hilton, Mariah, 50 Cent, Tim McGraw, Michael Jordan to name a few).  Sorry popstars, whatever you smell like, I probably don’t want it.

So, for the next month we will suffer through these ad nauseam.  Stay tuned for more Ad-renaline posts where I question just what the hell is wrong with ad companies and the stations that air their commercials.

*Note – I prefer the British advert-iss-ment, as my reader zico01 would say, over the American adver-tize-ment.

3 Responses

  1. YEP, go for the Advertissment every time!!
    I bought Mens Health today ( other health mags available ) Paco Rabanne on back cover !! aahh what have you done, ! I see these adverts everywhere now !!
    Have you been to the cinema, and they have put fragrance through the air con. whilst playing the show ads ?? Very clever, !

  2. Men’s Health is one of my favorite magazines. No kidding!

    Perfume in the movie theater? In the U.S. that would be a prime target for our litigious society, by someone who is allergic to such scents and is “assaulted by the fragrance” or some other such claim.

  3. I like to read men’s health, the tips don’t always ( mostly always ) do not sink in…. Bar the drinking orange juice whilst eating porridge…. apparently keeps cholesterol levels down ??

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