Baring it all

This post is going to officially qualify for the TMI award of my blog, but I felt it important to bare my soul (or at least part of me) to my readers.  Note: This posting is not for readers under the age of 18, and preferably over the age of 30.

I recently garnered enough courage to experiment with something that had always piqued my curiosity, but also slightly terrified me.  With a potential body-exposing event planned in my near future, I figured this was the perfect time to make a visit to my new local aesthetician.  I intended to start simple, just taking a little off the edges and see how I feel about it.  Well, dear readers, I must confess that Sally took a trip to a certain South American country instead and returned with much less baggage than she started.  Yes, that is correct, Sally is really quite bare.  Fortunately I still remember some of my Portuguese.

I can’t stop thinking about a certain Sex & the City episode.  So Sally has ventured to another land so you don’t have to.  And to answer your questions…yes, it does hurt.  But surprisingly it hurt more after the fact than during, though that is only for a couple days.  It’s actually not that weird or awkward as I thought, certainly no worse than my doctor visit. Yes, I’ll probably do it again, it takes a few visits before your body becomes accustomed to it.  Next time I will take the strong Canadian ibuprofen again like this time, but I will also use some of this product that I ordered for my next visit.

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