Winter Wonderland

Ok, so not yet, but apparently all the meteorolog-talking heads are predicting the snowpocalypse of 2010 here in the next 24 hours.  They’ve been saying this for the past 48+ hours.  You know what that means right?  We will get absolutely nothing.  Nada.  Snow in Nashville is kind of like a surprise birthday party.  You have to let it sneak up on you completely unsuspecting for it to be fully effective.

Yes, it has been wicked cold the past few days.  But it was warmer today, the supposed day of snow reckoning.  Yes, we even saw a couple flakes here and there last weekend and earlier this week.  It was also colder then too.  So, I predict we get just that.  Cold weather,  a couple flakes, maybe enough snow or wetness to make the roads appear to be messy, but nothing like the inside of a snow globe.  What I also predict? That next week, when we have no warning of snow, we’ll get 6 inches all at once and the entire city will shut down.  It’s happened before, many times, and it’ll happen again.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

That being said, I am trying a new tradition.  In the summer, I love to run early in the morning.  While it is part a necessity, because it’s still hot as Hades at 6am, I like getting it done before I start my day.  In the winter, it’s another story.  It’s too cold and too dark before work.  After work is also too dark and too cold, plus I start losing motivation to work out after about 3pm, and the likelihood after 6pm is next to nil.  So I am trying out running during my lunch hour.  That way I can watch the hourly weather, determine the optimal time for temperature and wind, and get in my run before I lose steam.  So far it’s been pretty good.  Even during the coldest 2 weeks of the season.  But believe me, once the time change happens and it warms up, I’ll be back to my 6am runs.  If nothing else, I get a much more thorough shower at home after those.

3 Responses

  1. I LOVE winter lunch runs. Barely sweaty, and it feels great. Plus, you get your mornings and your evenings. Love, love, love!

  2. you can have our snow half foot yesterday!! thats a foot and half since b4 xmas !!, i did see someone running in it the loon ! maybe his dinner was on the table !
    the news last night did a usa map for snow, they reckon it is cold, and a fair chance … we normally get your bad weather a week after, not usually the other way around !! hope you avoid it !!
    all the best Gareth

  3. […] in recipe Three weeks ago I hinted that we would avoid certain winter disaster, only to truly be hit with it l… Call me Madame Soothsayer.  We are snowed in this weekend!  One of the worst winter storms in our […]

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